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A Gift for the Stressed Family CEO (that’s you)

A Gift for the Stressed Family CEO (that’s you)

‘Tis the Season.  Here we go.  The cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, mailing, decorating, socializing, travelling, drinking, eating holiday season.


Tired yet?  Exhausted by just the thought of all you need to do in the next 29 days?  Does it feel stressful and tense inside of you when you start thinking about it?


I’d like you to pause.


Here’s the thing.  If you are here on my site, you probably relate to the “Has it all together” part of the tagline.  If that is the case, I want to point something out.


And pardon me for being a bit crass, but I want you to remember this:


You know how to get shit done.


Am I wrong?  If you have it together (even just on the outside) by definition you are handling the craziness of your life.  And it is crazy, but you manage.  By most people’s assessment you thrive.  While this may not be the whole story, at this time of year we can (and should) use our natural talents to our advantage.


Here is what I would like to suggest.  Let’s leave the emotions “overwhelmed, stressed and put out” at the door.  Let’s not even let them in this year.  How you ask?


I repeat—you know how to get shit done.


Has your tree ever gone untrimmed?  Have the presents ever not gotten bought, wrapped and mailed?  Has any guest ever gone hungry?  Has any child not gotten his special “had to have” toy of the year?  Have there ever not been enough cookies?  Have you ever forgotten a teacher’s gift?  Have you ever not gotten it all done?


I didn’t think so.


So when you start to stress.  When you start to feel pulled in too many directions.  When your blood pressure starts to rise.


Stop.  Breathe.


Remind yourself that it will get done.  It always does.  Remind yourself that if you approach it with the knowledge that you can handle it, then guess what?  It might even be, dare I say it?  Fun.  Enjoyable.  A ‘tis the Season to be happy.


Let’s put the joy back into the season.  Let’s trust ourselves that everything will get done and that we can actually enjoy the process if we allow it.  Holiday overwhelm is self inflicted and for this one—we got it.  No need to torture ourselves.


What do you think?  Will you change your mind set?  Will you let yourself enjoy while you get everything done the way you always do?  Please leave your comments below.





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