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Change Your Mind ~ Change Your Life Group Program

Make Yourself a Priority, Do the Things You Love

and Reclaim the Energy of Who You Once Were in just 8 weeks!


Are you a woman that longs for the ease, joy and flow of the way things used to be — before you were someone’s mom or wife?  Before you had a mortgage, car payments, school tuition, and an endless to-do list?

Did you wake up one day and realize that while you have everything you thought you ever wanted, life simply doesn’t feel like you thought it would?

Do you feel like you need something new and different?

Do you know you should be happier but you just can’t figure out how to get there?

I mean–this is the life you always wanted, right?


Two important things:

  • You are not alone in feeling this way.
  • It’s not your fault.

You just haven’t been given the tools you need to have life feel the way it should.

  •  What if I told you that I have been where you are, made the decision to change my life and have achieved sustainable happiness and authenticity?
  • What if I told you that I did it while I was raising five children?
  • What if I told you that I could give you the tools, support and information you need to do it for yourself?  
  • What if I told you that it doesn’t have anything to do with anyone other than you?

You hold the power to change everything.  

You see, five years ago, I reached a breaking point. I woke up one day and realized that I had completely lost touch with myself.  After taking stock, I realized that I wasn’t happy with hardly anything in my life.  I was overweight, out of shape, had complete communication break down with my husband, felt like a terrible mom and was angry and resentful toward the world at large.  It was pretty dire. I knew that things had to change or I was going to end up walking out on my husband and kids, divorced or worse. I was scared.

From that low point in my life, I committed to living a life that I love. I began a journey that has brought me to a place that I couldn’t have fathomed when I began. Through books, classes, certifications, programs and using my own life as the guinea pig, I have completely transformed.

Outwardly, I don’t seem much different.  I am still a wife and mom of five.  You will still see me running around town and carting kids every which way.  

But on the inside, everything is completely different.  I am no longer on autopilot.  I now have a peace and contentment that cannot be easily ruffled. I am intentional in my choices and know what I will and won’t allow in my life.  It is a beautiful place to live from.

And I have put together this program to help you do the same!

Why? Since that low point, I have made it my life’s mission to support and help women just like me, just like you, to break free. It is more than possible. You just have to want your life to be better. You deserve it!

How do you change your life, you ask? How do you break free from the mental chatter, the constant pressure and your discontent?


Here’s the secret:  You change your mind!

Simple….but not easy.  

During this 8 week group program, I will give you the exact blueprint you need to change your mind so you can regain control of your beautiful life.  

  • If you’re ready to wake up every day feeling happy and excited–no matter how much you have to do (but I assure you that you will be more discerning about what you say yes to after this process).
  • If you’re ready to feel confident in your parenting–no more second guessing yourself.
  • If you’re finally ready to release the guilt, stress and worry that has been following you for years.
  • If you are ready to live intentionally and not on autopilot.

Then this is the program for you!  This 8 week interactive and supportive group program is designed to teach you how to Change Your Mind so you can

  • Learn to say NO without guilt.
  • Understand what you can and can’t control so you know when to act and when to let it go (and HOW to let it go).
  • Understand what your emotions are trying to tell you.
  • Embrace your power of choice so you can feel confident as a wife and mom.
  • Align what you say, do and think so you stop feeling like a fake
  • Learn the fascinating similarity between how you are with food and money.
  • Appreciate how your spirituality (or lack there of) shapes your life experience
  • Connect to your higher self so you treat yourself as well as you treat your loved ones.
  • Gain knowledge about your internal GPS system, how to access and trust it
  • Recognize the unlimited possibilities in your life.

What are former class participants saying about The Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Group Program?


“I would recommend Lorna without reservation.” 

“When I began to shift my thinking and realized the things I could and couldn’t control, I felt liberated.”  

“Participating in the Change Your Mind, Change your Life Group Program with Lorna was a very powerful experience.  I learned a lot about myself and it was helpful to know that there are other women going through the same thing.” 

“Participating in The Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Group Program with Lorna was a life changing experience.”

“I am able to connect the dots in my life and with that have a better understanding of the “why’s” so that I can make changes, accept situations and/or move on from places where I have always felt immobile.”

“I would recommend others to participate in this program because there were things in my life I didn’t even realized I was captive to.” 

“Lorna is a naturally gifted Life Coach.” 

Here’s what’s included:

  •   2 Private Coaching Calls (30 minutes)
  •   8 In-Person Weekly Group Sessions (2 hours each)
  •   Dedicated Q & A at the End of Each Session
  •   12 Participant Maximum
  •   Private Facebook Group
  •   Collaborative Group Dynamic
  •   Goal Setting Based on the Weekly Topic

Is your dissatisfaction enough that you are open to trying whatever it takes to make things better?

Are you willing to take a journey to discover the parts of yourself that you don’t understand?

Stop being at the bottom of your own “to do list”— it’s time to discover what you really want for yourself without feeling guilty or torn about attaining it.

And you can do all of this within the parameters of your life.  No divorce lawyers, no abandoning your family, no 30 days of silence in an Ashram.  

You hold the key and I am going to teach you how to unlock an inner door to the life that you REALLY want.  The door that, once opened, will give you the life that you always dreamed of—and things will finally feel the way you always thought they would!

It’s time.

I would be so honored to go on this journey with you.

Classes start the week of 9/21/2015. 

Space is limited! Claim your spot today!  

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
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