Happy New (School) Year!!!

Happy New (School) Year!!!

So here we are.  It’s the first day of school in our little town on Long Island Sound.  Facebook feeds are filled with kids smiling for the camera before trotting off to class.  Some moms are crying in their coffee while others are jumping for joy.

I fall somewhere in the middle.

I am certainly ready to get back to all the things that have gone by the wayside this summer–exercise, meditation and time to myself. But I feel mixed about my baby going off to 7th grade with nary a glance back at mom.

And boy is it strange to be actively mothering only one child.  Back in the day I packed lunches and was the general manager for six people.  Today and going forward I am down to only two (I make lunch for my hubby also).

Time is marching.  That is for sure.

But there is no use in doing anything but embracing reality, right?. So this morning after dropping my daughter to walk with her friends to school, I took the dog for a long stroll by the water.

It was quiet and peaceful.  The sun was glimmering off the water. The tide was in.  It was exactly the type of meditative time that I have been craving.  It was lovely and grounding.

But once I walked back in the door it was time for business.  As this new (school) year begins, I know it is up to me to be intentional about how my time gets spent.  Otherwise it will be Christmas and I will be asking myself, “what happened?”

So in this post Labor Day week, whether you have kissed kiddies goodbye or not, I encourage you to actively create what you want for yourself in this new season.

Now that your time is not being commandeered (as much) by other people’s needs and vacation is behind you, it is time to create your schedule so you can regain some routine in your life while making sure your to do list includes YOU.

First off, make a list.  What are your priorities?  What are the things that are most important to your well being and state of mind? You know what you have to do.  But what about what you want to do? What is the thing that you have been putting off that you know is going to make you feel great?   (Mine: exercise, meditation, renovation decisions, home cooked meals, needlepoint).

Now take out your calendar.  Schedule yourself.  Block out time for the things that you just prioritized.   Whether it is time to do nothing, phone calls, research or visiting the gym– schedule a time and put yourself in pen.

Next is the most important bit.  Honor yourself by following through.  When you see time that is for you on the calendar, treat it with just as much importance as you would a meeting with your boss or a visit with your mom. Always remember: You matter too.  Do the thing that is going to make you feel amazing.

The act of consciously prioritizing yourself sets an intention.  It says that you want to take care of yourself as much as you want to take care of all the other responsibilities in your life.

You know perfectly well that life can go into overdrive in the blink of an eye.  If you don’t actively manage your time, life will take over and you will be feeling hectic and overwhelmed before you know what happened.

Please don’t fall into that trap.  Figure out what you want for yourself.  Put it on the calendar.  Then do what you said you would.

This is how you strengthen integrity with yourself.  This is how you learn to trust your own word.  This is how you gain self confidence.

Seems small, but it is actually huge.

And as always–if you need any help with getting yourself prioritized, I have two coaching spots left for this fall. Please hit contact in the upper right hand corner and we will schedule your complimentary first call.



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One Response to Happy New (School) Year!!!

  1. Fiona says:

    Yes this spoke to me!
    In spite of heading towards the end of the school year here it is very much like the beginning for us. With any luck our offer on a house goes unconditional next week and I can get the boy back into school and back to some kind of a routine. It will only be three weeks and then school holidays but oh to get back into a proper routine!
    How I ever managed working with two kiddos I have no idea but I strongly suspect it was the routine that kept me sane. Not being in our own space for a long time I feel I have completely let the bulk of our routine slip away.
    Spring is now here and life looks like it is finally going to settle into a space that is ‘normal’. I need to be ready so the time I do have for myself does not disappear, and then overflow into the time the kids are home so I should start making my list now. Thanks for the reminder Lorna.

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