I know, I know…it’s been forever

I know, I know…it’s been forever

Hello again (she says sheepishly).  

Yes, it’s been awhile.

Maybe you suspected this would happen.  

Maybe you realized that when someone asks to separate after a 17 year marriage and five kids….it tends not to be the easiest of times.

This has definitely been a “you can’t understand it ’til you’ve been through it” kind of year. 

It has been challenging, no doubt. But there have also been wonderful times and lots of hope for the future.

The reason I haven’t written may not be why you think. 

It’s not because I have been having such a hard time or have been stuck in a downward spiral. Although there have certainly been intermittent stretches of that, they are not what has kept me from you.

No, the reason that I haven’t written is because I am not at liberty to share the whole truth. And writing half truths or elusive posts is just not my thing. (I’m pretty sure you knew that).

When a marriage splits it doesn’t do so in a vacuum. Obviously there are the two people in the break up, but there are also children, family members and friends who all factor closely in the proceedings.  

So as much as I would like to write about all that has transpired (and, good grief, it has been A LOT)–I cannot write about my part without pulling other people in; specifically my ex and my children. 

Writing about them in this particular context doesn’t feel right to me. 

So, much to my chagrin, I have remained quiet.  

While I can’t give you the whole picture, for now, what I can give you is an update on me.

I am not only alright, but frequently even good.

Despite the trials and tribulations, I have remained steadfast in knowing I made the right decision.

No matter how difficult the fallout has been, I know it would have been worse to have stayed. 

My family hasn’t found its new normal yet, but I know that it is not too far in our future.

On the bright side, I continue to get to do what I love–coach amazing women. Their dedication, willingness, and progress humbles me every single day. 

2017 also had me jumping heartfirst into a new venture. My partner and I have poured our passion for women’s transformation into a new enterprise that launches this Fall, and I am beside myself excited to share it with you!!!!!  

Personally, I have made sure to practice what I preach. I’ve taken time to process, accept and simply be.

I have (forced myself) to feel my feelings. Like most people, I would have preferred to skip it, but I know that what you resist, persists. So I let the hard stuff in when it knocks and despite the discomfort, have made it through.

Those that I love have never been more dear to me. If I ever took them for granted in the past, I certainly never will again. My family and friends have made all the difference.

So, what happens from here?

I am going to be a regular in your inbox again. For realsies this time. I’ll be back with stories, tips and insights to help you see the world differently and make your everyday a smidge easier.

I’ve missed you and want us to be close again.  If you feel like it, hit contact in the upper right hand corner and let me know how you are. I would love to hear from you.

Great Big Hugs,



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