Meet Lorna

Lorna GagerI’m Lorna Gager, a Life Coach dedicated to helping women like you who are feeling overwhelmed with the stress of every day life.  Juggling the roles of mom, wife, family CEO and career woman can make you feel like you are barely getting by.

In my twenties, I had a challenging career on Wall Street but was initially able to maintain a work/life balance. Many women slowly lose themselves over time as they marry and have children- I sped up the process by marrying a widower with four children under the age of seven. After becoming a stay at home mom, I happily adopted those four, and we added a fifth to the brood.

As you can imagine, I lost myself during this time. I left my career and entered the years of color coded calendars, massive grocery bills, frantic running around, fighting, diapers, dishes, laundry, pick ups, drop offs, courts, fields, tracks, curfews and proms. I made no time for myself, missed my independence, my career and built up a lot of anger and resentment.

We put up a good front and everyone saw “the beautiful Gager children” who were smart and well behaved—but that wasn’t the whole story and there was a lot more going on at home that people didn’t know about. Things weren’t as great as we led everyone to believe. The kids were struggling with losing their mom. My husband and I lost our ability to communicate– we were no longer a team. It was hard, really hard.

About eight years ago I personally was able to come up for air. My youngest was old enough and it was time to reassess. Time to figure out where the heck I was in this whole picture. What I saw I was not happy with. I was a mess. I wasn’t happy with my marriage, my parenting, my body, my habits, my thought patterns, the way I was interacting with my friends or the world. Life really wasn’t working well and I needed some serious work and attention.

I knew that I should be happier. I looked around and saw a wonderful family and home and lifestyle. I needed to figure out how to be happy in it.

So I dove in.

I started working out consistently. I got really involved in health, nutrition and the environment. I became a personal trainer and got certified as a wellness and life coach. But more than all that I read everything I could get my hands on. I took additional classes to learn about how I interacted with the world, how I respond to things, about the anger and resentment that I had built up and how it was affecting me and everyone around me.

Learning these things changed everything for me. My marriage transformed, my parenting and the way I related to my kids completely shifted. I see what happened to me and to my family a lot more clearly now. I understand that things didn’t need to be as hard as they were. I understand that it wasn’t my family that needed to change, it was me. I see that women who are in the cycle of give, give, giving all the time do not have to be stuck there.

I work one-on-one with my clients to identify exactly where they want to be and create a path to get there. Through our work together, they begin to see what is holding them back, learn how to let it go and get real, and thus, they experience life in a more meaningful, engaging way. They feel more in control and truly recognize just how beautiful their lives are.

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