A quickie

A quickie

Hello, hello.

Just a very quick note today.  The mad, mad time of year that I wrote about two weeks ago has caught up to me.

Our second child and oldest son is graduating from college tomorrow morning. Our fourth child has her Senior Prom tomorrow night.  One is in Boston, the other in New York.  And since fourth child’s Junior Prom coincided with our oldest child’s graduation last year, there is no way I am missing this one too.  (and seriously–what are the chances of both of these proms happening on the same day as both of the graduations?!?!)

I feel very glad that I will be at both events tomorrow.  These are once in a lifetime happenings for both of my children.  BUT–just the thought of scurrying from Boston to New York and leaving my husband in charge of post graduation festivities with extended family while I dash into pre-prom activities makes me feel a bit scattered.  But with five kids, sometimes this is the way it goes.

In addition to these beautiful rites of passage, we have also been getting final bids for our renovation project this week. As often happens with these things, the numbers have taken our breath away.  So we are going back and forth with the contractors to see what can be cut or changed before we decide who to move forward with.

We are also close to finally getting building permits and have our fingers crossed that we will break ground on the project before the month is out.

In terms of our actual move, we are in the eye of the storm. Our house sold and is under contract, but we are waiting for graduations and family visits to finish up before we start packing. Move date is set for July 30th.

And yes, if you are doing the math you can clearly see that if we are starting the reno project at the end of June and moving the end of July then the house will not be ready. This is unfortunately true. Despite all these months of lead time we aren’t going to be able to complete the project for move date– the permit process has taken way longer than anticipated.

So my husband, youngest child and I will be living in the loft above the garage for a few months until the house is habitable. Bet you can’t wait to hear about that adventure!

So while everything coming together this week is a bit overwhelming, I am sure you can see that it is all wonderful, happy stuff.  I am trying to drink it all in and take pleasure in the chapters that are beginning and ending for my family and me.

Thanks for reading ’til the end.  There is no higher message today, other than to go with whatever is happening in your life and try to enjoy each moment (even while scurrying).  I will be back next week!


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  1. Lois Mariano says:

    Enjoy it all, Lorna, and be sure to get sleep and eat your fruits & veggies at the same time! With only one child, I can’t relate to it directly but certainly life has a way of sometimes crowding a short period with lots of big experiences. Your post also made me reflect on and admire my mother’s ability to raise six of us, as well as her little brother (in 1960 her brother was 18 and her children were 15, 13, 11, 7, 3 and 2.)One of the many benefits of having her live with me now is that I get to hear some very interesting stories! I’m sure you have them too!

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