“After my FIRST session with Lorna, I already felt a huge shift. Issues that I had been working on for years started to come to light and shift in a way that was brand new. I have had other coaches before Lorna but I have not felt this seen, heard and supported before. Lorna has helped me uncover ways to relate to myself that is so powerful. I am starting to develop such a deep trust and love within myself that is a direct result of our work together. I have a wonderful relationship with little Susan now and everyday we continue on our joyful path together. When I’m done with a session with Lorna, I book my next one immediately because I can’t wait to continue this work with her. Lorna is a gifted listener, empath, healer and sage.
Thank you Lorna for guiding me and walking with me on my healing journey. Words cannot describe how grateful I am.”
~S.C. Queens, NY
“When you are ready for the deep change work, to really look within yourself and take responsibility for your part in how things are going; When you are sick and tired of surviving and self-sabotaging and you are ready to believe in yourself and the power you have to change your life around- give Lorna a call.  Initially signing up for transformational coaching felt scary because I was nervous to tread into emotional waters that I wasn’t sure I could swim in alone, but with Lorna I always trusted and had faith in her coaching. She made me feel completely safe, understood and in good hands. Lorna is the warmest, wisest and most intuitive coach. She was able to guide me step by step only as far as I was willing to go on my journey, while at the same time leading me gently towards the bigger vision she knew I had for my life. Her loving presence and encouragement allowed me to believe in myself.  I was able to leave each session with a new perspective because Lorna didn’t give advice, but instead empowered me to think and act differently so that I could develop the life skills I needed to thrive on my own. I have worked with other types of therapists and coaches throughout the years, but Lorna has a unique gift for this change work, and she will always stand out above the rest.”


~M.R. Montreal, Canada 


“Working with Lorna has changed my life on so many levels. She begins by clearly providing a safe space in which to really open your mind and your heart to whatever changes may present, and she does this with so much grace, wisdom and love. Her ability to actively listen and engage in discussion many times leads to goal setting and what I like to call “goal-keeping”, as she is amazing at lovingly encouraging accountability. Lorna has a kind heart and a deep spirituality about her that allows me to truly expose myself in ways that I have never allowed myself to share. With her help, I have been able to identify my patterns, some that I have had the majority of my life, and shift my thought patterns, reactions and perceptions, which has changed the entire outcome of many situations. Lorna is like the wise, big sister that I have always wanted and I highly recommend exploring a relationship with her.”

 ~C.A. Richmond, VA

“Having been in talk therapy (and being a strong proponent of it) numerous times in my lifetime, I was curious about how this work with Lorna  on my overall health and well being would differ – and perhaps a little skeptical about how much new insight I could gain.  I have been thrilled with the way working with her on my health and stress issues has dovetailed just beautifully with the steps I’ve taken throughout my life to deal with anxiety. The student in me was very comfortable with the idea of setting goals (“homework”!) for the week and then going over it in the next session. Accomplishing things – especially establishing new patterns (sometimes just a tweaking) of behavior and thinking – was so satisfying and motivating. The range of issues we covered was really impressive, too – exercise and healthy eating habits, but also complicated topics like the need for other people’s approval, my fears about people being angry at me, etc. I hadn’t anticipated that our work together could include those latter things, but she introduced me to terrific, helpful tools that I can now practice.

Lorna helped me realize that lots of beliefs I held about who I am and how I respond to different situations – beliefs that I thought were carved in stone (it was just who I am!) – could actually be challenged – and exchanged for something healthier. That was important for this Baby Boomer to learn.
I highly recommend working with Lorna to anyone interested in better physical and emotional health. Her insights, sensitivity and knowledge make this work very rewarding!”

-L.M. in Westchester County

Lorna has helped me look at the big picture and identify the things that are most important to me. She has helped me focus on the small shifts that make a huge difference to my daily quality of life and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Her insights and practical suggestions have made a lot more room in my thinking, especially in the unexamined beliefs I had about what a “good” wife and mother is “supposed to do.” She has gently encouraged me to engage with the parts of myself I’m not as proud of and also helped me see strengths I didn’t know I had. I feel fortunate to have found such a gifted life coach and highly recommend her to anyone wanting life to just be better.”

~ L. in Rye, NY

“After just three months of working with Lorna, I’m thrilled at how much I’ve already gotten out of the relationship. At the outset, my primary goal was to get back into shape after years of procrastination. With Lorna’s help in setting short- and long-term goals, that’s been easier than expected. And while I haven’t run a marathon yet, I’m finally exercising regularly again. The biggest surprise, however, has been the numerous other ways I’ve benefited from working with Lorna. Personal, professional and family schedules are now organized and synched (a first for me) and as a result, there’s much less stress in my house throughout the week. But perhaps most importantly, Lorna has encouraged me to reevaluate problematic dynamics in my relationships and consider new, more thoughtful ways of interacting with family, friends and colleagues. This has been tempered with realistic expectations, thus allowing me to implement change when I’m ready and be satisfied with progress small and large. I can honestly say that I’ve benefited far more than expected from working with Lorna and am excited to see what the future brings. I would recommend Lorna without reservation to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life and could use some help in reaching their goals.”

~ Wendy S | Westchester, NY

“I initially thought I was meeting with Lorna to solely work on my fitness and health goals.  But, what ended up happening is that we worked on those issues that impede my ability to reach those goals. 
Truth was, I knew how to lose weight.  I’ve read every diet book and tried every diet in the universe.  But, each day, I sabotoged my daily accomplishments, everything for me required tremendous, brute effort, and I felt like I was having to fight the world to achieve what I wanted…or so I thought. Lorna opened my eyes to see that I was the one who was making things uneccessarily difficult. She made me realize that I had to tweak my thinking.  Lorna turned every one of my negative moments into positive, uplifting learning experiences.  She said things to me that I, in turn, used as positive self-talk, as a way to get me out of ruts.  We also worked on practical ways to organize time, to follow a realistic eating plan, to realize when something just didn’t work, and to find the things that provide fulfillment.  In addition to health and fitness, I’ve carried Lorna’s gentle approach into my work and as a parent.  Lorna lives and breathes kindness and evangelizes that self-care and self-love.  As Lorna always says to me, “Be kind to yourself.”  And, slowly but surely it is this advice that is getting me closer to my health and fitness goals and to my overall sense of well-being. Thank you, Lorna! “
~ S.K. | Westchester, NY


Lorna has helped me incredibly through a very tough few months. Rather than allowing me to stay stuck in my past, she has helped me identify my strengths and shown me how to set and reach my own goals for a bright future, using her skills in active listening, compassion with no judgement, and by knowing the right questions to ask at the right time.”

~ Ginette H. | Herts, UK


I highly recommend Lorna. No matter what kind of week or day I have had, every time I get on the phone with Lorna I feel empowered. Lorna has a unique ability to foster kindness. I no longer beat myself up when I fall short of my goals, instead I assess the situation, acknowledge what is and is not in my control, and move forward. Lorna is effective at blending her professional side with her genuine personable side showing me that when I focus on just what is in my control I give the people in my life space to be who they are.”

~ Martha B. | Bingham Hills, MI


“Working with Lorna has been one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. My biggest take away from working with Lorna has been focus and time for me! My results have been lasting and have changed my outlook on life in general – professional and personal. I would recommend Lorna because as a mother, wife, employee, boss (etc. etc.) I always put myself low on the totem pole – oh I would prioritize myself on certain activities but never holistically and never relative to my life wants and needs. With time marching on, I realized I needed to take better care of me–all of me–and now thanks to Lorna, I’m doing just that.”

~ Judy P. | Richmond, VA


“Lorna is a patient and perceptive listener.  She did not make assumptions about what I needed, but instead allowed me the space to explore my challenges and then let me lead the way in setting goals for myself.  She is a great champion of strength in women and a fearless supporter who will hear you out and then tirelessly help you evolve into a better you.   No matter what your issues are, if you want to be understood first, and then consistently encouraged along the path to health and happiness, call Lorna.”

~ Amy H. | Westchester, NY


“Working with Lorna was a rich and enlightening experience. She was so easy to talk to, and with some guidance and by asking the proper questions, she helped me to recognize the areas of my life that I wanted to work on improving.  Together we came up with so many ideas and solutions that led to lasting change. It was wonderful to have someone help me see things in a new light.  Lorna helped me identify things in my life that I wanted to do better, some big and some small – personal goals, family goals, and relationship goals.  Her system of setting short and long term goals was immensely helpful.  I would recommend working with her – she is smart, thoughtful, empathetic, thought provoking and wise.  She will help you to recognize your strengths, and will help you to use your skills and strengths in order to find solutions that will lead you on your way to becoming your very best self!”

~ Kate J. | Westchester, NY


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